Procedure for Signature of your Documents

What is our service for?

It’s here to satisfy a requirement of a lender that your signing of its documentation is fully recorded and certified as having been carried out in accordance with the legal formalities of signing a deed.

This is a bespoke service to lenders that require its borrowers to execute its finance documents whilst an independent solicitor is also present at the time via a Zoom Video Meeting.  This is so that the independent solicitor can personally certify to the lender that the signing formalities have all been carried out correctly and to the lender’s satisfaction.

So how does it work?

Simply choose an appointment time below which is convenient to both you, and to your independent adult witness who you need to arrange to be present at the Zoom Video Meeting with you.  Please note the solicitor is not acting as the witness who must countersign the document(s) and you must separately arrange for this person to be present on the Video Meeting with you and provide ID for the witness (please see the section below entitled ‘Who can act as the witness to me signing?).

After the Video Meeting, you’ll need to email and post the signed documents to the lender or to its solicitors as they direct, and the solicitor will complete and sign a Verification Certificate and send it to the lender’s solicitors to confirm that he or she witnessed you signing it’s documentation before an independent adult witness.

What happens during the Video Meeting?

The panel solicitor will guide you and your witness through the signing process, and they will witness and record you signing the relevant deeds/documents in the correct way..

It shouldn’t take any more than about 15 minutes.

Who can act as the witness to me signing?

Your witness must be at least 18 years old and have mental capacity and wherever possible satisfy the following:-

      • not be a member of your family
      • not be a co-director (if you are signing as director of a company)
      • not be a party to the document or someone who has any financial other interest in the document, or connected documents
      • not be named elsewhere in the document other documents connected with your document
      • not be connected in any with your transaction with the lender

What do I need to do ahead of the Video Meeting?

1.  Personal ID for you and your witness

It’s the lender’s requirement that you provide the following ID documents to evidence BOTH you and your witness’s identity:

(a) copies of a current passport or current UK photo card driving licence (for both you and your witness); and

(b) copies of a bank statement or utility bill or Council tax statement addressed to you/your witness and dated not more than 3 months prior to the date of the Video Meeting (for both you and your witness)

These will need to be emailed to us in advance of the Video Meeting and shown to the solicitor on the Video Meeting.   Please email them to us by replying to the booking confirmation email we send to you and attaching the documents.  Please make sure you and your witness have these same ID documents available on the Video Meeting.

2.  Documents to be signed

Please email the deeds/documents which you will be signing to us by replying to the booking confirmation email we send to you and attaching these.  Please ensure you have a hard copy of these for you and your witness to sign ready for the Video Meeting.


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