At ILA-Connect, we know loan conditions which require independent legal advice to be obtained are often necessary to address the duty of care which has been placed on lenders by our Court system. Unfortunately, it is so often the case that the loan condition causes confusion to a borrower, and is often only highlighted to the borrower at the last minute, causing the borrower unwanted delay, stress and inconvenience.

Our goal at ILA-Connect is to help borrowers address the requirement to obtain independent legal advice in the most timely and cost-effective manner, at a minimum of inconvenience.

We relish the opportunity of speaking to lenders about independent legal advice and how ILA-Connect can help lenders assist their own borrowers to address independent legal advice offer conditions.

One of the ways ILA-Connect is doing this is to arrange independent legal advice adopting latest electronic identification online technologies, which biometrically check the identification of the borrower online, extracts information from their ID documents and carries out further checks on other personal identifiers, such as address, email and telephone number verification.

These technologies offer compliance with the highest level of security regarding eIDAS regulations. This represents an important extra level of safeguarding to the standard ‘Know Your Client’ checks carried out by solicitors on clients.

If you would like to discuss how ILA-Connect can help simplify the delivery of independent legal advice to your borrowers, just get in touch with ILA-Connect today at [email protected] or call us on 0333 300 1879.