There are many situations under commercial contracts or transactions where one of the parties involved may be concerned that one or more of the other parties could potentially claim, after the deal is done, that he or she did not properly understand the nature or consequences of the deal, or perhaps that he or she was under unfair pressure or influence from one of the other parties involved to go ahead with the deal. This could potentially result in litigation arising in connection with the contract after it has been completed.

In such situations, the way it is often seen as best to offset the risk of such a claim is to insist that the relevant party receives independent legal advice from a solicitor regarding the nature and consequences to the individual of the contractual arrangements, and to ensure that he or she is proceeding with full understanding, of his or her own free will and not as a result of undue influence from someone else.

At ILA-Connect, we are able to arrange the necessary independent legal advice on a bespoke basis. Just get in touch with us with the details and we’ll take it from there.

Equity Release

If you’re retired or approaching retirement age, you may be considering an “equity release” mortgage to unlock the equity that’s tied up in your house. An equity release mortgage (which can either be a “lifetime mortgage” or “home reversion plan”) can enable you to access this capital, without having to move.

Gift, Transaction at Undervalue or Transfer of Equity

If you are planning to transfer the equity of your property at less than market value, this is what’s known as a transaction at undervalue.

Bridging Loans and Other Services

We all know that taking a bridging loan is going to be an expensive option. Yet, despite that, occasions often arise where bridging finance can make sense.

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