You know your clients’ needs; they’ve chosen to instruct you for your proven expertise and knowledge in a particular field. Perhaps you’re helping them with a property sale or purchase, or maybe your client is seeking to structure their affairs for the future. When a loan is involved and the lender considers there is a risk  to enforcement of its security, your client and their family members or friends might be required to obtain Independent Legal Advice (ILA).

We know that the extra requirement of independent legal advice can cause a delay in a business, personal or property transaction when sourcing a solicitor who offers this service proves a struggle. For your clients, it can be frustrating not to be able to get this service from the solicitor they have already instructed – especially when the requirement is only made clear at the eleventh hour. Presented with a new hoop to jump through, the prospect of finding a firm to deal with this extra element is an annoyance and unwelcome surprise to say the least. Whether your Professional Indemnity Insurance prevents you from providing this service or it’s simply too high risk, the need for Independent Legal Advice can be a spanner in the works of an otherwise smooth transaction. Fortunately, obtaining independent legal advice is easy with the help of ILA-Connect.

We’ve built up a network of solicitor’s firms nationwide who can deliver a convenient appointment for your clients somewhere local to them. Whether it’s for a Buy-to-Let mortgage, a Deed of Consent, Deed of Postponement and Charge, Occupier Consent Form, Occupier Waiver Letter or Personal Guarantee, we can save both you and your client the fuss of finding a law firm for a competitive fee.

Why does my client need Independent Legal Advice?

Depending on their situation, independent legal advice may be critical to the completion of a transaction. Typically, ILA becomes a requirement when your client agrees to take on some form of liability or waive some of their rights without necessarily enjoying any benefit for doing so. By seeking ILA, all parties involved in the transaction gain reassurance that the full financial implications have been fully understood and that the individual is willingly entering into the agreement with an awareness of the liabilities associated. Following the House of Lords ruling on Royal Bank of Scotland plc V Etridge, a face-to-face meeting between the individual and a solicitor is required to dispel claims of undue influence.

Independent Legal Advice is commonly a critical component in the following circumstances:

  • Director/Personal Guarantees
  • Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgages
  • Transfers of Equity
  • Equity Release
  • Gifts and Transactions at an Undervalue
  • Bridging Loans and other Commercial Agreements

How can we help your clients?

We understand the time-sensitive nature of this requirement and the role it plays in the swift completion of your client’s transaction. That’s why we’ve devised a simple solution to save time and money. All you need to do is refer your client to ILA Connect. After we have gathered some details on their specific situation, we can collect quotes from solicitors in their local area who offer ILA. For a small referral fee, we will set up an appointment with your client and a firm who provides this service – that way, they can attend the meeting, obtain face-to-face advice from a qualified advisor and come back to you with a certificate that states they have received Independent Legal Advice.

We regularly assist solicitors to keep their client transactions progressing by preventing the need for ILA from becoming a hurdle to completion. No matter how complex the situation, you can count on us to sort it out and save you the time, fuss and client distress that this requirement can cause. To get the ball rolling, drop us a line today at [email protected] or call our office on 0333 300 1879.