By booking an appointment the solicitor will promptly email a request for documentation.

Please read:

  • There is no obligation to proceed (or pay) by booking an appointment.
  • Any queries you have, such as about fees or circumstances of your matter can be raised with the solicitor before proceeding.
  • We would therefore encourage you to continue to book an appointment should you have any queries/concerns about the solicitor’s service, as this will provide you their response directly. The appointment date/time can always be changed, and will only proceed if you are happy with everything.
  • In order to satisfy the lender/acting solicitors, it is normally a requirement for the documents signed by the ILA solicitor to be posted out. Special Delivery is used to ensure safe delivery and avoid unnecessary delay in your transaction being able to proceed. The postage fee is £10 plus VAT (£12), where postage is necessary.
  • For multiple bookings for the same or related transaction, please book separate appointment slots with the same solicitor.
See Online Booking Page